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Thursday, July 29, 2010

My English fix for the day….

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while have probably already figured out that I have an on going love affair with Old English architecture. I think they had this open space, loft like home living down along time ago. So in this article once again I travel to jolly old England to bring to you yet another architecturemasterpiece….

photos ~ The collective

(most of these vacant home are used for photo shoots, films, etc in England)


LONDON - South East

Half Tudors, half Stuarts; beautiful large country house with greenhouse, many formal gardens and a stream are just a few things that can be said about this amazing piece of English architecture..

With it’s beautiful stone exterior and u shape design this mansion quietly sits waiting for someone to come along and bring life into these wonderful walls…

When you walk in it’s door you find this amazing room, rich with wood trim and walls, a balcony, and windows that reach for the sky, “now tell me they were not loft living already in this room”…lol

The stairway all curved and floors made of concrete tiles, were just another sign that their architecture juices were flowing way back in time…

So take a walk through history with me in the following photos and tell me what you see…A home made with brick for the front and side and stone in the back…Wood, concrete, high ceilings, large windows, exposed pipes on ceilings, beams on ceiling…. and tell me what elements were not used that you would find in our love for open space living, loft living today~ all these architecture features are ones we love to recreate in our interior designs….

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