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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Located at the mouth of the Little Cottonwood Canyon just south of Salt Lake City, Utah, The House is sited on a steep and rugged foothill and takes full advantage of its spectacular mountainous environs. With a low profile and its emphasized horizontality, nearly half of the three-story house is buried below grade to reduce its apparent mass and respect the natural terrain.
The selection of materials indigenous to the mountainside are collaged together to reflect the primitive and natural beauty of the terrain through the use of exposed structural steel, architectural concrete, native rock, cedar, and glass mosaic tiles, whose colors are reminiscent of the earth’s minerals. This house designed byGrunsfeld Shafer Architects.

The particular design shows the great transformation of modern house design. The design transforms the concept of the particular living space. The previous usage of the house is as painting office. BogermanDill transforms the house into residential living place called House Pinck-Heerkens. Some alterations keep the easy room arrangement of the previous office becomes the great cozy living space of the newhouse building. The house perhaps would become the new renovated house comfortable design in Netherland with some thoughtful minor adjustment from office into family residence. This is the house modern transformation in Amsterdam to give better atmosphere to the family from the functional office interior building.


loftylovinUsing what was considered by most to be un-buildable granite outcropping, Gibson architect took advantage of the variety and cascading effect of the natural granite to create a house which evolved into seven levels revolving around the main central fireplace built into the largest granite boulder.

loftylovin — Designed by�Tighe�Architects.

loftylovin — Designed by�Tighe�Architects.