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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dynamic, Flowing Spaces Define a House Outside Columbus Architecture by Bart Prince

Remember the amazing indoor pool from yesterday’s post…. well here is the amazing home it belongs too….

Prince, who avoided interior walls for the public spaces, defined the central, spiral staircase with bowed laminated-pine beams. Throughout, explains the architect, “beams carry the structural loads but also designate spatial separations between areas.”

“We wanted everything to be transparent, not translucent,” Prince says. “There are almost no blinds, draperies or brise-soleils.” Windowpanes, which cover three quarters of the exterior, enclose the storm room. Glass guardrails “join the spaces visually.”

Beams radiate from a central column in the main living area. Above it is the storm room; below, accessible by a ramp, are the pool and garden area. Inside the column are the house’s mechanical and electrical systems. Sandstone quarried on-site was used for the fireplace, at rear.

The curvilinear glass-and-copper-clad residence “had to be beautiful from the air, since Steve comes in by helicopter.”

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