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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When we were children, we all imagined that in the year 2000 the world will be governed by robots and everything will be automated and we will use spaceships for personal use. Well, technology has evolved a lot lately, but in a different direction and nothing I dreamed of is now true. However, the minimalist style adopted by most modern interior designers is very close to what we imagined about spaceship designs. So if you are at least curious what it would be like living in the future in a very cool apartment, you should see the pictures below, where you can admire the designs imagined by some specialists and which were exhibited in Odessa, October 2010 within an exhibition called I can see.
You can see very chard edges and unexpected angles, modern materials like glass and concrete and very little furniture that looks very professional and cool. The furniture and bookshelves have irregular shapes with asymmetric positioning and the whole picture of the room contains only one color or two.
Nothing that you can see there is ordinary, as chairs have unusual shapes and the lighting is either disposed on the wall or hidden in them or maybe hanging from the ceiling in unusual shapes that look like falling stars, jellyfish or maybe ivy. Everything is high-tech all around, but deeply functional and modern.
My personal impression is that you can’t simply feel nothing when looking at these designs: you either love them or hate them from the first sight.

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