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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Astounding Villa Featuring Exotic Design and Incredible Views of the Bay

Located on the hillside of Corossol, St. Barts, this next villa, named Casaprima, is an outstanding contemporary villa that offers incredible panoramas of the bay. At night, the luxurious yachts anchored in the port shine their lights in the direction of the villa, accelerating the felling of a perfect holiday. Casaprima incorporates minimalist design into an exotic setting, making the living areas an enchanting place to enjoy a cup of happiness next to the shore. The villa can be rented and enjoyed by those who are willing to pay the price. It has 2 bedrooms inside the main building, complete with king size beds and another bedroom in a separate bungalow with its own kitchen and bar. Other features of the house include a cosy and bright living room, a gourmet kitchen and an amazing terrace with views of the bay. Large windows and sliding doors allow the landscape to take your breath away from any corner of the villa. The exotic wood found all over the house, combined with the fresh, frisk air of the breeze, offers the amazing connection to nature needed for a perfect vacation.
Villa Exotic Incredible photos1
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