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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ok so I really love the look of interiors that use old trunks and/or suitcases in their design, so I wanted to share a few designs that I found…..
Design Miami , Dutch designer Lotty Lindeman has a collection of suitcases that can be combined for use as a cabinet in the home.
In a Louis Vuitton store at the Century City mall, this was a window display. I love the idea that you could even take a shoe box, paint it white, and then add the details of an old suitcase. And voila, you have cool, modern storage that hearkens back to days of old.
There are even suitcases that are wall stickers , shown above ~ by Ferm Living
there are bathtubs made to look like a leather trunk….this one is made by condor….love the look of this one !!!
The very talented Sarah from a beach cottage blog has some very cute ideas for using suitcases as furniture rather than hiding these away. The best part - it’s so cheap. If you don’t already have a suitcase, you can track some down from your local op shop. Then use as a coffee table in your lounge room, a side table in your bedroom or to even plant some herbs! For the adventurous - check out Sarah’s tips on painting your suitcase white!
Here is a modern creation made of leather briefcases from the talented Maarten De Ceulaear, who you may know for the pile of suitcase armoires.
Old trunks and suitcases seem to add so much character to a room and if your style is eclectic it is easy to find the perfect spot to add it to your wonderfully designed room… take a look at the following photos and see just how creative you can be with these old vintage finds from, thrift stores, flee markets, garage sales etc….

And my favorite (below) is this wall filled with old suitcases and trunks….by Zachariah and Gail Rieke at their home/ studio/ gallery
in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
So the next you happen to walk by one of these wonderful old pieces, think what possibilities they may hold in designing the perfect space….

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