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Thursday, October 7, 2010

House on the Island of St Lucia in the Caribbean….
House on the Island of St Lucia in the Caribbean….

The Island of St Lucia in the Caribbean is a great place to build a dream home. The any hilly sites afford superb views of sea, and the climate ensures that any garden becomes a bountiful and colorfull tropical splendor. The owner of this house on the coast was inspired to commission its building by his chosen architect’s own house in Barbados. The owner’s mother, an experienced designer of Caribbean interiors, was on hand to advise on the choice of colour, furniture and decoration, ever mindful of the need for simplicity.
Open walkways, guarded by wooden pillars and handrails, curve around the site, allowing cooling sea breezes to penetrate the rooms. The open beamed ceilings look appropriately casual and almost everything is white; built-in seating and much of the furniture is painted white, and white fabrics have been used for cushions and on the beds. The only colour to be seen, apart from the natural wood tones of the bedsteads and some carved Asian furniture, is a riot of yellow-and-blue tiling in the bathroom, shiny copper pans in the kitchen and blue-and-white table-settings.

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